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Red Tails Jan/Feb 2023

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Click below to download a PDF of this newsletter:

Red Tails Newsletter Jan 2023
Download PDF • 3.03MB

From the Desk of the President

Happy New Year & New Look for CBAS!

We are trying out a new look for our “Red Tails” newsletter, partnering with local graph-

ic designer, Michaelle Boetger. Thank you Michaelle for all the time and expense that you

have donated to our Audubon Chapter. Next meeting, we’ll vote on hiring Michaelle. Tell us

what you think!

Our Central Basin Audubon Society Facebook page, created by Trudy Doolittle, continues to thrive! This has attracted birders and bird photographers in the Central Basin and more CBAS members! Thanks to Trudy for linking our Facebook page to the website she also created: We are hoping that with more members, we can continue our FREE programs for elementary schools and the Ron Van Nurden scholarship program for high school seniors!

Training Time for ARK

Our Audubon Refuge Keepers (ARK) program has been a long-established FREE

field trip and classroom presentation on the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge for 4th

graders each spring. We’re excited to rebuild the ARK program that has served over a

thousand students. Three schools are already on board for spring of 2023! WE NEED YOU!

We need volunteers who are passionate about passing on the love and respect for our wildlife and habitats to the next generation! We are scheduling a training session for March. Please call or email Gayle Talbot or Margaret Schiffner to learn more information and to sign up.

Did You Know?

The 2022 U.S. State of the Birds Report reveals widespread losses of birds in all habitats – except for one! Waterbirds and ducks have increased 18% and 34% respectively, where

investments in wetland conservation are made.

Our Facebook Expert Photographers!

We have identified two expert bird photographers: Paula Zanter-Stout and Margaret Heming (who is our new Field Trip Leader and last issue’s bird photographer). If you have visited our Facebook page, you have no doubt seen amazing posts often by both of these ladies. Margaret will be resuming Bird Walks this spring. Please let us know if you would like to be invited on future Bird Walks, especially if you are not on Facebook. Paula Zanter-Stout is becoming a well-known wildlife photographer in our area. Several of her photographs have been selected for calendars or promotions in other publications, and her enlarged photos have been chosen for the Members-Only Art Show at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center. This current show ends January 27. Paula’s life-long passion for photography also was featured in the Columbia Basin Herald last year after her first MAC exhibition (“Behind the lens...” Dec. 31, 2021). She and her husband have been supporters of our CBAS Ron Van Nurden Scholarship Program and the fourth grade ARK field trips for many years. Her bird

photography is featured in this issue. Enjoy!

Special Thanks

We wish to thank the following for their donations to the Ron Van Nurden Memorial Scholarship Program: Pledgeling Foundation, Venice, CA; Ed & Paula Stout, Moses Lake; Richard & Brenda Teals, Moses Lake;William Weiss,Quincy; Confluence Health, Moses Lake; John &Sharon Moody, Ephrata; Animal World Veterinary Clinic, Moses Lake;Pioneer Veterinary Clinic, Moses Lake;Gayle Van Nurden, Renton, WA; Margaret Heming, Moses Lake, and to many others who gave anonymous donations!

Thank you to the following for renewing their Columbia Basin Audubon Society

membership: Faye Coats, Gayle Van Nurden

Welcome to new members:

Charlotte & Forrest Hardt

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